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Reported by Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood RZ; Allah’s Apostle ﷺ said, “Keep on performing Hajj and Umrah, for they alleviate poverty and sins; just like the bellow removes impurities from iron and silver and gold.” –Nasai: 2631

Being the nucleus of Muslim Ummah –the Holy Kaba holds the most prominent place in every Muslim’s heart. Every Muslim is always ambitious to visit the House of Allah ﷻ, reconnect and feel the strong presence of his Creator through these sacred walls. The fifth pillar of Islam is a beautiful way of worshipping Allah Almighty and expiating sins. The reward of a complete and accepted It is nothing less than paradise in the hereafter and elimination of poverty in this world.

“And perform the Hajj and Umrah for Allah…” –Al Baqarah: 196

Madani Hajj Group –the most auspicious travel agency of North America has the privilege and honor of serving the Muslim Ummah across the globe. The company has been established with the core ethics of serving the pilgrims and provides the best travel plans to visit the holy cities of Mecca and Madinah. Happy clientele and satisfied pilgrims are what we strive for. Our teams in the USA and Saudi Arabia will always be there to accommodate all of your needs.

Madani Hajj Group fulfill the dreams by safely taking you to your destination. We make their journey of the lifetime –the most memorable one by providing them the best possible services successful. Having performed your Hajj properly is our aim and objective. We are really thankful to our clients for showing trust in us and helping us achieve the business excellence in offering top quality services.

The Most Prominent, most Auspicious, and the Outstanding Hajj 2019 Packages.

Madani Hajj Group  is really grateful to Allah Almighty for providing the opportunity of serving our valuable North American and international clients for decades. We are announcing our updated Hajj packages 2019 that are skillfully designed with details to provide the best services available for hajj from USA.

With Madani Hajj Group  –your every step towards Haram is carefully planned. As our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ rightly stated that every step you take towards the Holy Kaabah, Allah ﷻ writes it as a good deed.

Madani Hajj Group  Bring Affordable Hajj Packages in the most reasonable rates

Madani Hajj Group  brings out the class hajj packages from USA that cater the needs of every pilgrim. Get yourself registered now and receive a complete information and training kit for hajj rituals.

Our hajj 2019 come with customizable options to meet the needs of every ethnic community. Our mission is to earn the pleasure of Allah ﷻ by aiding His believers in accomplishing their religious obligations. Madani Hajj Group  will be your companion to assist in every way possible. Register yourself now!

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