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Hajj Mubarak, Planned to leave for the virtuous expedition of Hajj and couldn’t decide what the best package is for you? We can assure you that you are in the right place for the best Hajj packages from USA. From our Economy Hajj to our Executive Hajj, All of our Hajj packages are designed to appeal to variety of people coming from different backgrounds and social class. For more information, check out our updated Hajj Packages 2020 below.

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Whether going with family or planning to go with a group we can offer a range of  Hajj and Umrah Packages that suits the duration, needs, and requirements of any pilgrim visiting Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj and Umrah. Our packages are built to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. If you need professional assistance with your Hajj and Umrah travel arrangements please contact us for advice and guidance.

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I really love the way they handle your queries and respond back in a timely manner. Made a life lot easier for me to help plan umrah on December 14.

Adam Ahsan

New York, USA

My experience with them was above average. They were cheap so I decided to go with them, unlike others who have shady rates and are only in business to earn money.

Hina Ahmed

New Jersey, USA

I have been using Saeed’s services via Madani Hajj Group from 7 years now and absolutely love it. Either its trip to Saudia or Pakistan Its always a charm. Thank you.”

Sikandar Mirza

New York, USA

5 Star Service! Cheapest Ticket To Delhi was provided by Madani Hajj Group. 100% reliable!

Rana Ahammed

Queens, USA

Important Queries

Visa Application Form and Visa Documents required please see following documents

  • A Visa is required from the Saudi Consulate in the USA before traveling to Saudi Arabia. Hajj-U.S.A of New York processes Hajj Visa, Umrah Visa and Business Visa for Saudi Arabia.

  • Agents in the USA will apply for the Visa for you.

  • Do not call the Saudi Embassy for a Visa, they will ask you to contact an  agent.

  • “Hajj Visa” is different from an “Umrah Visa” and “Business Visa”.

  • With a Hajj Visa , you must perform the pilgrimage in a group manner with your agent.

  •  With an Umrah Visa, there is no need to perform the rituals with a group or agent.

  • With an Business Visa, you can travel Multiple times into any city in Saudi Arabia.

  • Both Hajj and Umrah Visa will ONLY allow you to travel to Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah.

  • No other cities can be visited in Saudi Arabia.

  • Valid passport for at least 6 months from date of travel
  • Valid US re-entry permit/travel document (Only if applicable)

  • Copy of Green card for Non-US Citizens

  • Four passport size pictures with a clear background

  • Original Vaccination for Meningitis (ACYW 135)

  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (Couples Only)

  • Copy of Birth Certificate for each child (only if visa has to be issued)

  • Muslims with Non-Islamic names must submit proof of Shahadah from Mosque or institution where Shahadah was taken or send a notarized letter from current Mosque that you are a Muslim.

  • A woman desirous of travelling by herself must be over the age of 45 years and must submit a “No Objection” letter from a Mahram.

  • Any woman under the age of 45 years must be accompanied by a Mahram

Hajj Visas are issued to people living in the USA legally. What this means is that US Citizens, Resident Aliens and Contracted Workers can get a Visa to go to the Hajj from the USA.

Those people who have a “US Visitor Visa” cannot get a Hajj Visa from the USA. They will have to apply through their respective countries.

Always carry contact Information for:
– U.S. Embassy Riyadh and Consulate General Jeddah 
– U.S. travel agent and its Saudi representatives
– Your hotel 
– Your travel group

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